About Me N'at...

Hi yinz! I'm Christen - Pittsburgh born and raised! I love thrift shopping, online shopping, retail shopping - are you catching my drift here? My goal here is to not only showcase my "thrifted" and vintage finds, but also prove that it doesn't take an unlimited budget to look amazing! I'll teach you "thrifting" techniques, as well as how to style classic work-wear and casual looks on a budget! To top it off, I’ll divulge some great travel and lifestyle posts that are budget friendly as well!

Growing up, my mom took me thrifting. We constantly frequented consignment stores! Mom was also an expert at snagging winter coats on clearance at the end of winter, and bathing suits in fall. Not because my parents were poor... because they were SMART! I'm out to prove that there's no shame in bargain hunting, no matter what your financial status! My money-saving techniques not only allow me an expansive wardrobe, but also enough disposable income to live the lifestyle I want!

Most recently, I became a mommy to my little mini-me, Madison! Be sure to follow me on instagram for all of the fantastic baby clothes that I find around town!

For collaboration inquiries, please follow my Contact link at the top of the page! I love working with local brands & businesses, start-up retailers, and fellow bloggers. Be sure to give me a shout!

Follow my shopping experiences as well as my every day outfit stylings! Happy thrifting!