Stripes All Day

by Christen Coppola

My inspiration for this outfit actually started with the necklace! Macy's always has a huge jewelry clearance. I walked through the other day and resisted buying a cute pearly necklace for $15. I had to find a gift yesterday so I went back to Macy's. It was their one day sale (which, to be honest, I usually don't care about.) The pearly necklace I passed up last week wasnt there, but all their jewelry clearance was marked down to $7! I got this necklace, which was originally $38, as well as another cute black and gold statement necklace!

Sweater I bought at Target after New Year's for 50% off at $12.50.

Skirt is Express but I found it at the Goodwill with tags on for $4!
Shoes Payless.

Thrift on ♡