Denim is More Than Just Pants!

by Christen Coppola

Found this adorable light denim top at the Goodwill for $4! Denim is SO in right now... but the funny thing is, its always "in." Its not like a trendy look (think hi-lo skirts or crop tops) that suddenly just appear. Not saying you should own either of those things... in fact, the thrift stores around me are flooded with ugly "trends" that are no more.
Anyway, my point is that denim has always been a thing. So it really just take a little digging to recreate a trendy look with pieces that aren't trendy at all! Merino cotton sweater is a TJMaxx find for $20. I stupidly shrunk it a bit in the dryer. For only $20, who cares. It still fits well! (Oh the perks of being an A cup!)

Skirt is thrifted from Plato's Closet, its Forever 21 but I got it for $6. Tights are TJMaxx

Shoes are Gabriel Bros for $5!!!! Seriously. I own like 5 pair. Close up you can tell they are cheap, but you can't even imagine all the compliments I got on them today!

Necklace is Body Central. Pretty sure it was less than $5. I've had it forever.

And I had to post a pic of my DIY nails. It was Friday, so no big work meetings to worry about.

Thrifting tomorrow with some girl friends!! Stay tuned :)