I heart scarves

by Christen Coppola

No idea why it took me so long to break out these adorable black booties, but I love them. Found at a local consignment shop for $7. I'm not sure of the brand, but they feel like real leather and are in amazing condition!

Skirt and top are both repeats. Skirt is a Forever 21 item that I've had for years. In fact, I love this stupid thing so much that I had to stitch around the zipper where the fabric started to pull.
Anyway, sweater is a sale find at TJMaxx for $20. It's merino wool, and it accidentally made it into the dryer once. I know, eep! But since I am world's smallest human, it fits me a teeny bit snug now.

Belt was $1 from Body Central.
Scarf is a thrift store find for $2. It is 100% silk and I just love the vintage pattern. It definitely belonged to some 1985 career lady. Love it!

Happy Tuesday all!