Thrifty Monday

by Christen Coppola

Hello all, happy Monday! I REFUSE to let the gloom and snow outside bring me down. Complainers, go away! I mean, first off, I have lived in Pittsburgh nearly all my life. I understand it will NEVER be 65 and sunny in February. Second, I have way too many cute wintery outfits to showcase! I wish I had some new pairs of black tights... but, that's small potatoes.

Plus, its actually light out when I get up in the morning, AND, light out after 6pm. Life is looking up :)

Ok, so I'm so incredibly proud of my outfit today! Sweater I found at the Red White and Blue thrift this past Saturday for $4!! Its a Banana Republic merino wool comfy winter top. I layer a long sleeved white crew underneath for warmth and also, you could see my bra a little through the back of this, and that is NOT ok for work. We are a bit too conservative for that. Hehe.

Skirt of course is vintage thrifted leather, 100% soft leather too. I just love this skirt.

Shoes are Payless, and necklace was $5 on clearance at Macys :)