A Bright Yellow

by Christen Coppola

I forgot I even had this bright buttery yellow cardigan from Banana! Found it on final sale clearance a while ago. I always scour their clearance! And sure enough I found this amazing item (perfect now for summer) for next to nothing! Probably somewhere under $20.
Top was purchased from an IG shop. I totally do not remember who! If you sold me this, let me know so I can tag you! :) I got this with a jcrew skirt and shipping for $15!
Skirt is Kardashian Kollection from Sears. It's a pretty prominent repeat on my blog.
Shoes are Nine West that I thrifted forever ago. They too are repeat offenders. But really, if you found these for $4, you'd wear the crap out of them too!

Necklace, also a repeat, was thrifted for $1.

Bag is my good ol Louis Speedy bag that I need to bring back more.