Year-round Dress

by Christen Coppola

I actually forgot I had this dress. Which I realize is a sign that I have too many clothes, but, who cares.
As I was deciding whether to wear this today, I came to the conclusion that this dress really is a year-round dress! Its a light material, however, I could easily layer a top underneath in winter with tights and boots. But today, since it will be a high of mid-80, I can push the sleeves up and wear strappy heels!

Don't you love when you buy something and then don't realize how amazing it is until months later? In this case, this dress was from last winter from Macy's. Its Ellen Tracy, and was totally in the "old lady sectiom." You know near the Ralph Lauren petite where they dress mannequins like they're 60? But, I highly disregard this as an old lady dress.
I'm mildly obsessed with any print resembling something from 1985.

Anyway, I know I got this dress on sale, but I'm sure I still spent more on it than I should have. I'm guessing somewhere around $30-ish? That's not the $4 bargain I'm used to, but, hey who's keeping track?