Do You Remember Wham?

by Christen Coppola

Yeah so I feel insanely 1987 today. These wide legged ankle pants from Bar III at Macy's. Only, I got these at the Goodwill near my house for $4. They are a size 4, which is big for me, but these are definitely more junior's fit, so I'd say they for more like a 2 or even a 0. Waist nearly fits me. I just have to tighten the matching belt a little :)

So to balance out my wide pants, I paired it with my Banana Republic no -wrinkle oxford in 00P, so it's fitted enough to offset the wide pants. It's almost too small to button up all the way, but luckily I'm just a teeny person. This shirt was final sale clearance at the store, I think I ended up getting it for $11 or something.

Shoes are Payless, and my jacket is my Banana Republic from last summer. I was desperately craving a white blazer, and so glad I found one!

Necklaces are j.crew! Got as a gift for xmas years and years ago.

I really only wore the jacket today because my morning commute was a bit chilly, but I'm kinda digging the look!

So, do you know Wham? (Look up am album cover and you might make the connection)