Flowy Polkadots

by Christen Coppola

This skirt is from the Goodwill on Banksville that I found for $4! It's totally vintage, I'm obsessed! It's a stretchy waist, so it could probly fit up to a medium. But lucky me in that it fits my 00 size waist!

Top is clearance Banana Republic that I have in a few colors! (I am really turning into a Banana junkie. It's getting bad. Lol)

Shoes are my Payless babies! As much as I want to upgrade to Manolo or Choos, I would spend an insane amount of time worrying about scuffing or ruining them. These I don't care about. And no one knows the difference!
I was thinking maybe a pair of black strappy Choos eventually, but then I think of all the goodies I could buy at the thrift store with that money!

Necklace is old Jcrew.

Happy Tuesday!