My $1 Shirt

by Christen Coppola

Well the title gave it away I think. This royal blue shirt with the incredible cut was $1 at a rummage sale! I didn't realize until I got home that the bottom hem is adorable!
No tags, so I'm not sure the brand, and definitely polyester, but who cares!?

Pants are my favorite fit from Old Navy: the pixie pant. I'm pretty sure that the Pixie is also the Perfect pant at Gap, and the Sloan pant at Banana Republic. Since they are all the same company, it wouldn't surprise me. I saw these striped ones a couple months ago, and couldn't pull the trigger at nearly $30. But alas, online shopping is my stalking of choice, and I snagged these at $22 with 40% off, bringing them down to about half their original price!
I have them in a few other prints, but I'd say the black and white stripes rank in my top 3 of cropped pants!

Shoes are a repeat, but a summer staple: Zara leather strappy sandals that I thrifted a while ago.

Necklace, Macys clearance, $5.

Pulling an outfit together for less than $25, now THAT'S thrifty!