Denim Is Your Fall Best Friend

by Christen Coppola

I was seriously stalking this dress on for two weeks. You wouldn't believe how hard it has been to find a navy dress! Jcrew has some amazing ones, but, if you follow me, you know I'd rather poke my eyes with a fork over paying $200 for a dress. So, this dress was originally over $60, which was too much for me. (Although, finding out about pockets really changed the game here.) It was 40% off and then I had rewards for using my Banana card, I ended up getting it for $32! I loved the crew neck and sleeveless, which I plan to wear over a button down for fall!

You can still get this Gap dress here!

Anyway, jcrew cardi was thrifted for $4! And I'm really trying to get my wear out of these thrifted Jessica Simpson wedges...

Bye summer!