Jcrew Wanna Be

by Christen Coppola

This dress is extremely similar to a sweater I have from jcrew, with the camel-colored spots! However, I thrifted this dress for $4 when I was in Tennessee last weekend, and nearly fainted! It's such a thick, comfy material, it actually felt like it was jcrew.
But... it's Old Navy! Can you believe it? This dress is so thick that I don't need to wear anything under it, although next time I might do a chambray button-down for extra warmth.

Knee-high boots are Stuart Weitzman that I thrifted for $40 years ago! They're truly one of my favorites. The only reason that I don't wear them more is the back part of the heel is tearing, and I'm not sure yet how to repair it. I'm taking them to a cobbler next week to see if he can patch it. Scarf is thrifted, repeat, and necklace is Banana Republic. I will be doing more "how-tos" on my blog around thrifting! Stay tuned!