The Traveling Pants: Thrifter's Edition.

by Christen Coppola

We all know the story about the traveling pants, right? I mean, I don't, but I pretend to know it based on the title of the book. So, now that we're clear on that, I'll continue talking about pants!

I was at my favorite Goodwill last week - Banksville road location, for those wondering - and I came across a vintage 80's Esprit button up short sleeved top. I loved the pattern and the style, but it was clearly way too big and would require some tailoring. Not my thing. 


Queue: Me getting further into the Goodwill, and I come across some vintage 80's pants! Not just any pants, the SAME PATTERN as the top I just saw! Of course, I'm making one of these items work now. It's a sign from the thrifting gods, obviously! 

So I picked the pants. And oh how glad I am that I did! I really love bringing back vintage items. Not only are some things back in style, but it's a very green way to be! It's one less item to end up in a landfill and one less thing you'd buy new! 

I paired these with my old friend the cashmere hi-lo sweater from Banana Republic that I now own in 4 colors (two of which are from the Goodwill!) And my thrifted necklace. Shoes are repeats, but definitely a fall favorite. 


These. Pants.

These. Pants.