So Mod

by Christen Coppola

I found this dress at one of my favorite consignment shops, the Savvy Fox, for $25! It was basically made for me, it fits like a dream! I think it's an Anthropologie brand. 

This Jcrew regent blazer was on clearance last year. I got it for a steal (well, a Jcrew steal, you know?) The regent is definitely one of the classic fitting blazers.

I always advocate in my style sessions: Steer clear of trendy fitting items. Especially blazers. There is seriously a different style for blazers every year: cropped, below the butt, wider sleeves, ruffles, puffy shoulders, higher buttons... the list goes on. Having the right fitting blazer or cardigan can really polish an outfit. And these are items you can find on sale here and there. Jcrew is my favorite for blazers, of course. Their styles vary slightly from season to season, whereas Express, Banana, even Ann Taylor sometimes err on the side of trendy. 

Anyway, needless to say I'm obsessed with my navy blazer. Shoes were clearance Aldo fo $35 after Christmas!